Southern Upland Way

Itineraries & Prices

We offer five suggested itineraries for walking the Southern Upland Way and have detailed the approximate distances for each stage. If you would like any help planning your Southern Upland Way walking route please contact us.

Our most popular itinerary is SUW2 which covers the full route in 14 days. Additional nights can be added at any stage along the walk and we would be delighted to adjust any itinerary for you. As accommodation is limited along the route, vehicle support is provided as part of your package, however, additional mileage may occur on some days.

All of our prices are per person based on 2 people sharing a room. Our packages include all accommodation, baggage transfers and full Information Pack. If your party requires single rooms they are available at a supplement and we can also accommodate solo walkers. Further details can be found on our Package Info page.

Standard - Good quality B&Bs, Guest Houses & Hotels

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West Section

East Section

Itinerary 13 Days / 14 Nights   14 Days / 15 Nights 15 Days / 16 Nights 8 Days / 9 Nights 6 Days / 7 Nights
 £ 1250.00 
£ 1330.00 
£ 1370.00 
£ 790.00 
£ 665.00 
  Portpatrick Portpatrick Portpatrick Portpatrick Beattock / Moffat
  10.5m / 17km 10.5m / 17km 10.5m / 17km 10.5m / 17km 21m / 33.5km
  Stranraer Stranraer Stranraer Stranraer St Mary's Loch
  11m / 17.5km 11m / 17.5km 11m / 17.5km 11m / 17.5km 12m / 19.5km 
  New Luce New Luce New Luce New Luce Traquair
  18m / 29km 18m / 29km 18m / 29km 18m / 29km 17.5m / 28km
Bargrennan Bargrennan Bargrennan Melrose
  24m / 38km 16m / 25.5km 13.5m / 21.5km 16m / 25.5km 10m / 16km
  Dalry Craigenbay Loch Dee Craigenbay Lauder 
  26m / 42km 15.5m / 25km 11.5m / 18km 15.5m / 25km 15m / 24km
  Sanquhar Stroanpatrick Dalry Stroanpatrick Longformacus 
  8m / 13km  18.5m / 29.5km 19m / 30.5km 18.5m / 29.5km 18m / 29km
  Wanlockhead Sanquhar Lorg Sanquhar Cockburnspath 
  20.5m / 33km  13m / 21km 11.5m / 18.5km 8m / 13km  
  Beattock / Moffat Overfingland Sanquhar Wanlockhead  
  21m / 33.5km  15.5m / 25km  13m / 21km 20.5m / 33km  
  St Mary's Loch  Beattock / Moffat Overfingland Beattock / Moffat  
  12m / 19.5km  21m / 33.5km  15.5m / 25km    
  Traquair St Mary's Loch  Beattock / Moffat    
  17.5m / 28km 12m / 19.5km  21m / 33.5km    
  Melrose Traquair St Mary's Loch     
  10m / 16km 17.5m / 28km 12m / 19.5km     
  Lauder Melrose  Traquair     
  15m / 24km 10m / 16km  14m / 22.5km    
  Longformacus Lauder  Galashiels     
  18m / 29km 15m / 24km  13.5m / 21.5km    
  Cockburnspath Longformacus  Lauder     
    18m / 29km 15m / 24km    
    Cockburnspath Longformacus    
      18m / 29km