Magical Islands

Standing majestically on the north-west fringes of Europe you’ll find the magical Islands of Scotland - unspoilt and spectacular, with big skies, crashing seas, beautiful beaches and a diverse landscape.

These self drive tours take you on a journey through a spectacular world of soaring mountains bounded by scattered islands and sparkling seas. Shaped over thousands of years by geological faults, scouring glaciers and the hostile North Atlantic, these magnificent land and seascapes have moulded a rich history and deep-rooted culture.

Each island has its own unique charm which has attracted and intrigued travellers for hundreds of years. Our Magical Islands itineraries allow you to sail away and immerse yourself in these wonderful places.

Walk along deserted white sandy beaches on Harris, whale-watch on Mull, enjoy the tranquility of Coll and Tiree, explore the Stone Age settlements in Orkney and Shetland, and sample world class malt whiskies on Islay

Our extensive research and personalised tour itineraries save you time and effort planning and booking ferry crossings and accommodation. Whether you visit one island or island-hop around a few, we invite you to enjoy the special atmosphere of island life and create memories that will stay with you forever.

Experience these remote and magical islands for yourself and discover why these enchanting places have such lasting appeal and draw those lucky enough to find them, back to visit whenever they can.

Hebridean Island Hopping
Hebridean Island Hopping
This island-hopping itinerary by sea and by road explores the majestic Islands of the Outer Hebrides. Spectacularly located on the edge of Europe this island chain offers striking landscapes, windswept golden beaches and sparkling seas......
Shetland & Orkney: Escape to the Edge
Orkney Standing Stones
Packed full of prehistoric sites, natural wonders and breathtaking scenery, it’s little wonder than the people of these islands are some of the happiest in the British Isles. It's diffcult not to feel inspired as you stroll along deserted white sandy beaches and gaze up at dramatic sea cliffs created by fierce volcanic eruptions .....
Magical Isles of Mull, Iona and Skye
Magical Islands of Mull, Iona & Skye
This island-hopping self-drive tour of the magical isles of Mull and Skye also visits the special island retreats of Iona and Raasay. These Inner Hebridean islands of Scotland offer some of the best scenery in Europe, with soaring mountains, glorious white sandy beaches and wonderful wildlife......
Coll & Tiree: A Hebridean Escape
This self-drive holiday takes you on a wonderful journey to the magical islands of Coll & Tiree, where you will enjoy the tranquility of island life on two stunningly beautiful Hebridean islands. Unspoilt sandy beaches and crystal clear water combine in one of the sunniest places in Britain to create a paradise undiscovered by most tourists
Highlights of the Hebrides
Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis
Journey to the edge of Europe to explore the highlights of the majestic Outer Hebrides. Nowhere else will you find such diversity of landscapes, wildlife, arts, crafts and music - these Scottish islands have an abundance of beautiful habitats which are peaceful, unspoilt and natural......
Island Odyssey
Island Odyssey
This Island Odyssey self-drive tour takes you on a wonderful journey by land and by sea to explore the magical islands of Scotland’s West Coast as you island hop to the isles of Arran, Islay, Mull and Skye. Discover stunning seascapes, soaring mountains, wonderful wildlife and sample......
Orkney & the Far North
Orkney & The Far North
Enjoy a wonderful self-drive tour of Scotland’s northern extremes with a visit to the enchanting Orkney Islands and the striking landscapes and windswept beaches of the Far North. Spectacularly located off the northern tip of Scotland, Orkney is a truly unique destination......