Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Itineraries & Prices

We offer six suggested itineraries for walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and have detailed the approximate distances for each stage. Our most popular itinerary is PCP2 which covers the route in 14 days. Additional nights can be added at any stage along the walk and we would be delighted to adjust any itinerary for you.

We also offer the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in North, Central and South sections, each of which is an excellent walk in its own right. This gives those with less time the opportunity to complete the trail in 3 stages.

We recommend you walk from Amroth in the South to St Dogmaels in the North. In the south, the cliffs are not as high and the terrain is less rugged so it allows you to warm your legs up before the more difficult terrain later in the route. Walking south-north is also more advantageous with the general position of the sun and the direction of the prevailing wind. However, if you wish to walk from North to South we’d be happy to arrange this for you.

All of our prices are per person based on 2 people sharing a room. Our packages include all accommodation, baggage transfers and full Information Pack. If your party requires single rooms they are available at a supplement and we can also accommodate solo walkers. Further details can be found on our Package Info page.

Standard Accommodation - Good quality B&Bs, Guest Houses & Hotels

Tour Code PCP1 PCP2 PCP3 PCP4
Itinerary 13 Days / 14 Nights 14 Days / 15 Nights 16 Days / 17 Nights 6 Days / 7 Nights 6 Days / 7 Nights 5 Days / 6 Nights
Standard £ 1245.00 £ 1305.00 £ 1405.00 £ 645.00 £ 635.00 £ 545.00
  Amroth Amroth Amroth Amroth Pembroke St Non's (o/n St David's)
  18m / 29km 8m / 13km 8m / 13km 8m / 13km 10m / 16km 8.5m / 13.5km
  Manorbier Tenby Tenby Tenby Milford Haven Whitesands Bay
(o/n St David's)
  12m / 19km 10m / 16km 10m / 16km 10m / 16km 8m / 13km 14m / 22.5km
  Bosherston Manorbier Manorbier Manorbier Dale Abercastle
  16m / 25.5km 12m / 19km 12m / 19km 12m / 19km 8m / 13km 18m / 29km
  Angle Bosherston Bosherston Bosherston Marloes Sands Fishguard
  12m / 19km 16m / 25.5km 6m / 9.5km 6m / 9.5km 13.5m / 22km 12m / 19km
  Pembroke Angle Merrion Merrion Broad Haven Newport
  18m / 29km 12m / 19km 10m / 16km 10m / 16km 7m / 11km 15.5m / 25km
  Sandy Haven Pembroke Angle Angle Newgale St Dogmaels
  14m / 22.5km 18m / 29km 12m / 19km 12m / 19km 13m / 21km  
  Marloes Sands Sandy Haven Pembroke Pembroke St Non's (o/n St David's)  
  13.5m / 22km 14m / 22.5km 10m / 16km      
  Broad Haven Marloes Sands Milford Haven      
  12m / 19km 13.5m / 22km 8m / 13km      
  Solva Broad Haven Dale      
  13m / 21km 12m / 19km 8m / 13km      
  Whitesands Bay
(o/n St David's)
Solva Marloes Sands      
  14m / 22.5km 13m / 21km 13.5m / 22km      
  Abercastle Whitesands Bay
(o/n St David's)
Broad Haven      
  18m / 29km 14m / 22.5km 12m / 19km      
  Fishguard Abercastle Solva      
  12m / 19km 18m / 29km 13m / 21km      
  Newport Fishguard Whitesands Bay
(o/n St David's)
  15.5m / 25km 12m / 19km 14m / 22.5km      
  St Dogmaels Newport Abercastle      
    15.5m / 25km 18m / 29km      
    St Dogmaels Fishguard      
      12m / 19km      
      15.5m / 25km      
      St Dogmaels