We’re Here For You

We understand that the world feels uncertain right now, but one thing you can be sure of is our commitment to supporting our clients through thick and thin.

The Absolute Escapes team are a small group of people banded together by a genuine love of exploration and the great outdoors. Rarely a weekend goes by when we’re not escaping into the mountains, seeking out a secret beach, or exploring a historic castle.

While we've had to put our adventures on hold, we remain passionate about the restorative power of discovering new places and the importance of holding onto your spirit of adventure - now more than ever.

The UK & Ireland are resilient and their wild places will wait for us.

Until then, we'll be adding virtual travel to our offerings - transporting you from your home to a sun-soaked Hebridean island or a heather-clad mountain. After all, we could all do with a little escapism right now.

Please join our conversations on social media and immerse yourself with like-minded people. We promise to whisk you away to the wildest places - if only for a moment.

We’re here for you. Today, tomorrow, and on the other side.

The Absolute Escapes team

Quiraing Isle of Skye

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