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Based in two or more stunning locations, our multi-centre walking holidays offer an ideal way to explore numerous trails in an area.

From your base in an award-winning hotel in the Scottish Highlands, a rural retreat in the heart of the Welsh mountains, or a cosy B&B on the Cornish coast, settle in and make yourself at home. Your chosen location will depend on whether you’d like to discover dramatic islands, coastal scenery, rugged mountains, lakes or dales.


When are multi-centre walking holidays available?

Our multi-centre walking holidays are available year-round. Simply tell us the date you would like to travel and we will take it from there.

Some exceptions may apply – especially in popular areas during the summer months or bank holidays, so booking well in advance is essential if you wish to walk during specific dates.


When is the best time of the year to walk?

Each season comes with its own advantages. March and April are best for spring flowers and views of snow-topped mountains. May and June are usually the driest and sunniest months. 

The days are at their longest towards mid-summer, so you can make the most of warm, bright evenings to explore. July and August are the warmest months, though usually wetter. September often brings a period of settled weather, while autumnal colours in late September and October can be quite spectacular. 

July and August are when UK school summer holidays take place, often resulting in limited availability for accommodation. However, in recent years May has been by far the busiest period on many walking trails.


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Where will I stay on a multi-centre walking holiday?

Where you will stay depends on which of our accommodation categories you book. In most locations, you can choose from the following categories:

  • Special Places to Stay – Exceptional hotels and luxury resorts
  • Premium – Boutique guest houses and 4* hotels
  • Standard – 4* guest houses and 3* hotels
  • Budget – 3* B&Bs and guest houses

All of the accommodation that we book for our clients has been personally selected by our expert team to ensure it meets our exacting standards. We also regularly review our extensive accommodation database and maintain excellent relationships with our accommodation providers.


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How fit do I need to be for a multi-centre walking holiday?

Our walking holidays cater to all levels of experience. The walking suggestions we provide feature a mix of easy, moderate or more challenging walks, offering ultimate flexibility so that you can tailor most days to suit your individual preferences and ability.

We do emphasise that to get the maximum enjoyment out of your walking holiday, you should be in good physical shape and both your feet and your footwear must be accustomed to walking the distances you intend to walk. 

The best way to train is to go for several walks during the weeks preceding your departure, wearing the boots or shoes that you will wear during the trip – nothing spoils a walking holiday more than blisters!


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Why do I need a car on my walking holiday?

Having a car means you can access a region’s best walks, particularly if the walks take place in fairly remote areas without access to public transport. You can cover a wider area with access to a car, experience a greater variety of terrain and scenery, and really get to know the region you are visiting.


Can I opt out of any of the walking?

Of course, if you don’t feel like walking at all, there is usually plenty to see and do in the area besides walking. We will include many sightseeing suggestions in your information pack. Having a car means you can explore further afield too.

These holidays are also perfect if someone in your party would like a less active break.


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Do I walk with a group on my walking holiday?

No, all of our walking holidays are independent and self-guided. You choose a start date that suits you and the individual walks you wish to do.


What does a multi-centre walking holiday include?

Our multi-centre walking packages always include accommodation with breakfast, maps and guidebooks, financial protection, as well as an information pack containing your daily itinerary, accommodation details, recommended kit list, and our 24-hour contact number in case you require any assistance.

The inclusions vary slightly from package to package, so it’s best to check the details in the proposal you’ll receive when you enquire with us.


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What do I need to take on a walking trip?

Our general tip is to pack various layers of clothing as the weather in the UK can always be unpredictable. A decent pair of walking boots are essential and don’t take new boots – try to break them in before you leave for your trip.

We will include our recommended kit list in your information pack.


So finally, multi-centre walking holidays vs long-distance trails?

Our long-distance trails involve you staying in multiple accommodations along a route and having your luggage moved daily. There’s a huge sense of achievement in completing a long-distance trail! These holidays, however, do mean packing and repacking every day. 

Staying in only two or three locations on our multi-centre walking holidays allows you to get to know your surroundings a little better and relax without the hassle of repacking!


So is a multi-centre walking holiday for me?

If you’d like to explore a variety of walking trails and adapt your experience based on how you feel that day, then a multi-centre walking holiday will be perfect for you. By staying in one accommodation longer than our standard walking holidays, you can relax and make yourself at home without the daily hassle of unpacking and packing. 

Thoroughly explore the attractions in a particular area and vary your walking distances and options on the day depending on the weather and what you want to do. 

If a multi-centre walking holiday sounds like the perfect experience for you, get in touch with one of our friendly Travel Specialists today.

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