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From gentle strolls to mountainous hikes, we offer a range of award-winning self-guided walking holidays around the UK & Ireland. Hiking is a wonderful way to explore our beautiful country, but what do you pack?

From our own experience, we know all about how packing the right kit can really enhance your hike. Trust us, we’ve learnt the hard way! This is why we send our clients a recommended kit list before they set off on their holiday.

We asked our team to each pick one item they wouldn’t leave home without. Read on to find out what they chose.


Good socks (Pippa)

Nothing will stop you in your tracks quite like a foot injury while you’re out walking – take it from me!

In order to give yourself the best chance of success on a walking holiday, I’d strongly recommend investing in a couple of pairs of high-quality walking socks. These come in all shapes, sizes, and colours these days and you’ll be grateful for the investment after a long day on the trail. 


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Hot drink flask (Charlotte)

It may just be my caffeine addiction talking, but I do love having a coffee with me (or any hot drink of your choosing really) while out on a hike.

It’s the perfect energy boost and an excellent way of warming up when out and about in the UK’s unpredictable weather – be that cold, rain or wind!


Power bank (Scott)

My mobile phone battery takes a battering whenever I’m out walking; often being used as a camera, GPS, and an occasional torch. It’s never a good idea to rely on technology, but I couldn’t do without my little battery pack which ensures I won’t run out of phone charge while on the go.


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Swimming gear (Daisy)

There’s not much I enjoy more than a long walk on a sunny day, especially when the trail stumbles across an unexpected swimming spot, be it a stream, a lake or the sea – even in the cold waters of Scotland!

In my experience, there’s nothing more frustrating than reaching such a spot, craving a dip and realising you didn’t bring any swimming things. Trust me, you’ll be kicking yourself the whole way home if you’re the one who left them behind.


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Sweets / hipflask (Katia)

There are days when you need a little energy boost to get you to the top of the hill. For a sugar kick, I always carry a sharing bag of Haribo (or my new favourite; Jealous Sweets, which happen to be vegan!).

My second invaluable item is a little hipflask, filled with a soothing single-malt whisky. If it’s cold and windy outside, it will surely warm your bones! If it’s a nice sunny day, a little dram is a perfect way to celebrate your achievement and take in the views.


Walking poles (Sine)

I’ve reached the age where my knees don’t agree with steep descents anymore, but luckily walking poles really help absorb the impact. My advice is; don’t wait for your knees to start hurting when you can protect them by investing in a good pair of lightweight trekking poles!

They are also brilliant for crossing boggy ground, boulder fields and rivers.


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Midge spray / net (Sheila)

For those of us who enjoy the great outdoors in Scotland, the midge can be extremely distracting! From late spring to late summer they can gather in clouds, leaving itchy lumps that may last for days.

With much experience of these little pests, I know to never go walking without a midge net and repellent spray. My top tip – when wearing a head net, wear a sun hat/cap underneath it. It feels much less claustrophobic!


Extra snacks! (Melanie)

Never have I regretted bringing too many snacks on a hike; the space they take up in your bag decreases as you eat!

For a 10-mile walk, you can burn roughly 700 – 1,200 calories. That’s why I get so hungry! When the path starts to get steeper and my legs weaker – my favourite snack gets me through.

I also like to have spare snacks for sharing. The gift of a sugar boost has never failed to brighten a friend’s mood and team morale.


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Water filter (Jack)

There is nothing more refreshing on a long day in the hills than fresh water from a Highland stream – but you are always better safe than sorry, and that’s why I never head out on the trail without a water filter.

Not only is a water filter much smaller, lighter and easier to carry than a full bottle of water, but the ability to fill up and drink on the go gives you more freedom in your adventures. Think unlimited refills of your favourite drink!


Dry bags (Zoe)

I would never go on a walk without dry bags – I learned this the hard way! Even with a pack cover over my rucksack, I like to use dry bags inside for added peace of mind because the last thing you want is your spare layers getting soaked. They are especially useful when carrying a camera.

Dry bags are also a great way to separate the items in your rucksack – much like packing cubes.


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Tupperware (Lottie)

I’ve recently started taking Tupperware with me on walking holidays. It may seem obvious, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve opened my rucksack to find a crushed and soggy sandwich leaking all over my additional layers!

It’s also a sustainable way of packaging things, so you are doing your little bit for the environment. You can even get collapsible ones, so they don’t take up too much space in your bag on your way to and from the trail.


Reusable water bottle (Shivani)

Staying hydrated is a must, which is why I always carry a trusty reusable water bottle to quench any thirst.

The water quality in Scotland in particular is among the best in the world, and there is no need to buy plastic bottles of water – just fill up and off you go!


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What Will You Bring On Your Next Adventure?

Our award-winning packages include hand-picked accommodation, guidebook/map, and, of course, our recommended kit list. One of the many helpful things with booking through Absolute Escapes is that we also arrange daily baggage transfers. This means you can pack to your heart’s content and keep your day pack light so that you don’t get weighed down on the trail.

Our expert team of Travel Specialists will take care of everything – organising a personalised trip of a lifetime. So all you’ve got to do is pack! What are the essential items you’d take for an enjoyable hike?

Find your perfect walking holiday with us and let us know how we can make your trip unforgettable.

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