Responsible Tourism

The health of the environment is of concern to everyone and we at Absolute Escapes take our responsibilities seriously with a commitment to sustainable tourism that does its best to conserve and protect the world’s resources.

In Scotland, we live amongst one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in Europe and we endeavor to operate in an environmentally aware and sustainable manner to preserve our own country.

Over the last 12 months we have addressed the environmental impact of the way in which we conduct our daily activities. We have put practices into place to reduce our waste, power usage and to use environmentally friendly products and recycled paper in our day to day lives wherever possible.

We encourage the use of Carbon Offsetting. Travel does have a hidden cost. Air Travel produces an inordinate amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions which contribute to climate change. You can help to minimise the impact of your journey by offsetting your carbon emissions:

How We Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Benefiting Local Economies
  • The accommodations which we use are locally owned and run wherever possible (the few exceptions are used when there is no local alternative).
  • Luggage and other transfers are provided by local suppliers
  • Most of our accommodations are in villages and small towns in rural communities. Not only is the cost of the accommodation brought into the local economy, but also the additional spend by clients on evening meals, lunches, drinks etc.
  • We encourage clients to travel to and from their holidays by the most environmentally friendly means and provide details of public transport options where these exist.
  • We only use paper which is recycled
  • We recycle all our paper waste and other waste so far as is possible.
  • We make every effort to use the minimum amount of materials such as paper in the first place.
  • We use low energy light bulbs where suitable fittings exist.