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The Herriot Way is a pleasant, circular route which allows you to experience the Yorkshire Dales in all their glory. The trail takes you through many charming rural villages around the area, including Hawes, which is famous for its production of Wensleydale cheese.

Along the Way, there are beautiful flowing rivers and waterfalls that are truly eye-catching. You will pass Hardraw Force – England’s highest waterfall – and a beautiful spot for picture taking.

The route was named after James Herriot – a prominent vet in the area who took inspiration from Yorkshire’s landscape and wildlife to write the popular TV series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.


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How long does it take to walk the Herriot Way?

The route is 52 miles (84 km), which we recommend walking over 4 or 5 days.

Our most popular itinerary is HW1 which covers the route over 4 days, with an average walking distance of 13 miles (21 km) each day.


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How difficult is the Herriot Way?

We have graded the Herriot Way as being of moderate difficulty.

It is a gentle and relaxing route which takes you through Yorkshire Moors and paved roads. The trail is not waymarked, but it is easy to follow with guidebooks and maps.


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3 reasons to walk the Herriot Way

1. You have the opportunity to experience the charming Yorkshire countryside on a route that winds through its villages, hamlets and nature

2. Visit the home of the popular Wensleydale cheese

3. You get to enjoy Yorkshire on a route inspired by James Herriot, a local hero to the area


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In our clients’ words

“The Herriot Way is a lovely walk. I just wanted it to last longer as we were having such a lovely time!” – Kim Bramham, England

“I am happy to say we had a wonderful time. The accommodation was to a great standard which is exactly what we wanted and the route maps & information were perfect. We found the walk challenging, which we expected, and the scenery was fabulous.” – Ian Heap, England

“I had a beautiful week in the Yorkshire Dales walking the Herriot Way. This was really a special week for me. The landscape, the people, and again – the very well organised tour from your company – were excellent. The small hotels, as well as the bed and breakfasts, were all absolutely great. I liked it very much.” – Thomas Schwerzmann, Switzerland.


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Walking the Herriot Way

If you’re inspired to walk the Herriot Way, Absolute Escapes offer self-guided walking holidays in the UK & Ireland which include accommodation, daily baggage transfers, guidebook/map, and full information pack.

Send us an enquiry today – we’d love to help you plan an unforgettable walking holiday.

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