Digital & Paper-Lite Information Packs

As part of our ongoing sustainability commitments as signatories of the Glasgow Declaration, we are introducing Digital & Paper-Lite Information Packs as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional printed materials.

This year, we’ve partnered with guidebook publisher Cicerone Press, allowing us to deliver guidebooks in an eBook format featuring the same comprehensive information you would receive in print. We believe this initiative will improve your travel experience and contribute to our goal of minimising paper waste and offsetting our carbon footprint.

Your digital personalised itinerary, which is included in our holiday packages, will provide you with a detailed overview of your trip.

The Cicerone eBook has the same value as its printed version. Benefits of an eBook are:

  • Versatility: Download your eBook on up to five devices, providing the flexibility to view detailed route notes and maps on a larger screen before your departure, or on the go with your smartphone while on the trail.
  • Convenience: Store your guidebook in an eBook reader, along with our reading recommendations, reducing luggage weight.
  • Efficiency: Access specific sections of the trail seamlessly with integrated route notes and mapping extracts, eliminating the need to juggle between separate documents.

If you would prefer a printed guidebook and map, you can order one from Cicerone at a discounted price. We will provide further details in your Information Pack.

Should you wish to upgrade to a printed Information Pack (including a printed version of all of our digital documents, along with luggage tags), the following charges will apply:

  • UK postage – £10
  • International postage – £40

These charges cover the cost of postage. We will also donate a percentage to the John Muir Trust, a conservation charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing wild places in the UK.

Please inform your Travel Specialist if you wish to receive a printed Information Pack before making your final payment.

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